Classic cars are acknowledged as a unique category for insurance purposes because they often have higher values with less depreciation, are used for “pleasure,” and are not seen as a need.

What is Classic Car Insurance?

Classic Car Insurance is a specific type of insurance that protects your classic or collector vehicles in the event of an incident. Antique or collector cars often appreciate as opposed to a standard vehicle’s depreciation, meaning they need their own insurance policy outside of standard car insurance. You will still receive liability coverage for the vehicle, but your vehicle’s value will be better protected.

When Does a Car Become a Classic or Antique?

There are two different classifications under Classic Car Insurance: antique and classic. An antique automobile is a vehicle that has historic interest or significance and is 25 years or older. A classic automobile is a vehicle that has historic interest or significance but is only 10 to 24 years old.

How is Classic Car Insurance Different Than Regular Car Insurance?

Classic Car Insurance is different from regular Car Insurance because it covers the agreed value of your vehicle as opposed to the stated value. This is especially relevant for newer vehicles, which depreciate quickly.

Agreed Value: Also referred to as Guaranteed Value, your agreed value is the amount your vehicle is determined to be worth based on year, make, model, etc.

Stated Value: The amount your car is worth based on comparable market value and depreciation.

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How Much Does Classic Car Insurance Cost?

Classic Car Insurance costs will vary depending on your vehicle type and if it’s classified as an antique or classic. Insurance cost generally consists of two elements, your premium and your deductible. Your premium is what you pay for the coverage, and your deductible is the maximum amount you will have to pay out-of-pocket in case of an incident. We’d be happy to help you get your vehicle covered if you are looking for a Classic Car Insurance quote.

Do I Need Classic Car Insurance?

If your car is classified as a classic or antique, then you should have Classic Car Insurance. However, if you are using your vehicle as a daily driver, then it may require standard car insurance. Classic Car Insurance helps cover the value of your vehicle, so if you are interested in protecting your investment, we recommend having Classic Car Insurance for all classic and antique automobiles.

How Can I Get Classic Car Insurance?

You can get Classic Car Insurance if your vehicle qualifies as a classic or antique car and if your vehicle meets the following criteria:

  • You must verify the condition of your vehicle and confirm any restoration projects
  • Your classic or antique car should be used for pleasure or events like car shows and clubs
  • If your vehicle meets these requirements and you are looking for new Classic Car Insurance, then contact us so we can get you a quote!